Envision. Create. Connect. Inspire.

Envision your outreach and media goal(s). 

Create an impactful narrative.

Connect with your target audience. 

Inspire action.



First and foremost, our mission is to help you tell your story and connect with your target audience.

Whether you are starting a business, launching a campaign, re-branding an existing organization, or in need of innovative and captivating media to promote your services or products. Our team at Altai Creative is dedicated to our client's satisfaction.

We produce media and engineer strategic marketing, public relations, and outreach plans for all types of businesses, campaigns, organizations, and initiatives.


What does Altai mean?

Our name comes from one of the most unique mountain ranges in the world. The word "Altai" means "Gold Mountain" in Mongolian. 

The Altai Mountains are a group of prominent peaks tucked away on the fringes of Central and East Asia. These golden mountains have been revered for centuries by locals and mountaineers alike. The Altai are striking, magical, and stand out amongst the rest as one of the most secluded ranges on this planet.

We like the idea of standing out and being unique and we want to help our clients do the same.


“When a person discovers that their boundaries are just an illusion, they gain the ability to create whatever they envision.”
— Nico Barraza